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Interior Design Studies & Education

How Versatile is a Bunk Bed? Many children’s favorite memories revolve around bunk beds. They remember talking to a sibling or a friend before they went to sleep. Bunk beds also provided opportunities for adventure and a hiding spot. In addition to helping your children develop fond memories, bunk beds provide many benefits. Interior Design […]

Which Schools Offer Interior Design Programs Near Washington, DC?

If you want to work as an interior designer in the Washington, DC, area, you’ll need to obtain a license. This entails passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination. Eligibility requirements for this exam include a college degree and work experience. Most interior designers hold a bachelor’s degree. Several 2- and 4-year […]

Kedge business School – Create Share Care

Registration process and deadlines This program is available to undergraduate and graduate students. For more information on the registration process and deadlines, please download the БKEDGE DESIGN SCHOOL FactsheetБ. Requirements: to be a student in product, graphic, interior design or in architecture. б Courses and Calendar The program runs from September to June with a […]

You can learn more about those online video game design

Outside of South Carolina, especially in states with higher populations, the video game industry continues to grow and evolve. In May of 2012, there were almost 30,000 animators and multimedia artists employed in the US and they earned an annual median wage of ,370. The BLS reports that the states that have the highest employment […]

Interior Design

B. Des Fashion Design 4yr B. Des Textile Design 4yr B. Des Fashion Communication 4yr B. Des Interior Design 4yr B. Des Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing 4yr B. Des Footwear Design 4yr B. Sc Fashion Design 3yr B. Sc Textile Design 3yr B. Sc Fashion Communication 3yr B. Sc Interior Design 3yr B. Sc Jewellery […]

Exploring Interior Design Schools

Interior design schools help creative individuals become innovative designers. Through computer-aided drafting and design, space planning, architecture, and related coursework, students learn how to create impressive interiors for a range of clients and needs. In the following guide, prospective students can learn about the different degrees available to aspiring interior designers as well as the […]

Art and Design Careers in South Carolina

>> >> Employment of artists is projected to grow faster than average. Competition for jobs is expected to be keen for both salaried and freelance jobs in all specialties because the number of people with creative ability and an interest in art is expected to continue to exceed the number of available openings. Employment of […]

Design & Architecture

EIMT promotes the academic as well as practical knowledge through its program in Architecture and Design including Jewellery Designing, Interior decoration & Fashion designing. Architecture is a union of the aesthetic spaces and the technical skills in context to the environmental conditions. There is a growing respect for architecture as one of the top academic […]

Top 15 Fashion Design Schools in the South – 2014

Our 2014 rankings of the top fashion design schools in the South. We define the South as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas. For an explanation of our ranking criteria,. 1. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) offers […]

List of Interior Design Colleges in Delhi NCR

Interior design is concerned with the elements inside a home, such as windows, walls, lights, furniture, etc. It is an amalgamation of architecture, product design as well as decoration aesthetics. Interior designers work on a variety of spaces including residential areas, industrial areas, retail areas such as malls etc. They may be self-employed or attached […]